Pastor Ruth: Happy Birthday Sis Belinda. We on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Sis Belinda. We celebrate your birthday today and always thank You for all the wonderful work you do for the Lord. Keep on shining! I love you.

Happy Birthday Sis Belinda. We
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Happy birthday Mrs. Pastor. We love you!

Pastor Clemence


Happy Birthday Sis Belinda. I love you

Pst Kuda Mututu


Happy birthday sis Belinda. Shine on.

Belinda Chiweta


Thank you Pastor Ma. I love you.



Happy birthday to you

Pastor Brighton Chitamba


Happy birthday my dear! Enjoy another year of progress!



Happy birthday Sister Belinda. Enjoy your day & stay blessed. I love you ❤🎂🍨

Deacon Felix Gondo


Happy birthday Sr Belinda.

Happy bday dear George. Amazingly sweet is who u are. The last time you greeted me, I almost had to climb a chair to tower up to u.😁 I love u dearly&pray that u'll experience the ministry of the Spirit like never b4 causing u to be a voice of hope,love &change in ur generation

There excitement in Eastern Cape. #Eastlondongroup #CESAZone1

The glory of His Presence here! Make sure you register ! We have prayed, fasted and prepared! #TGOHP #cecanada #CEBramptonwest

I am expectant #Eastlondon #CESAZone1


A time of upgrading #Eastlondongroup #CESAZone1

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Good Friday Miracle Night: Team 6 @CE MImshachArena #PrayingNow #GFMN_Ibadan #ceibsouth #Team6 #YearOfLights #swreg #Direction

Ready and expectant #Eastlondongroup #CESAZone1

Spreading the Light of the glorious Gospel everywhere. #megateensconference2019 #cemafoluku #celz1rocks

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