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Flashback.... #BLWSAZone

Flashback.... #BLWSAZone

Day of possession of glory

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is the revelation of immortality,if understand gospel that means you understand what immortality is." Pastor Freedom Wealth Eriya Zonal Wealth Eriya Zonal Pastor Southern Africa Zone1 #PF4 #CESAZONE1 #CESANDTON

Day of increase in wisdom

Day of fulfilment

Day of Grace

Meeting of the kings

Meeting of the famous

This is for you

Blessinglocatesme She is expecting to receive a car and keys to a brand new house during the Blessing Locates You Segment of All Praise Chapel tommorow. When Praises are intense, Blessing locates you It's All Praise Chapel this Thurs. #Allpraisechapel #Blessinglocatesyou


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