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I love you dearly Sir. It’s a privilege to celebrate you! I rejoice as if it’s my birthday as well because IT IS! Your birth on this Earth meant I would someday become who I am today. I’m forever grateful. ❤️ @pastordangotip THIS is why we celebrate #pdangotip #pdan2loaded #blwusagroup2

I love you dearly Sir.

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Happy Birthday ma So beautiful and exceptional Very resourceful, full of ideas, a trail blazer, a gallant soldier for Christ. Thank you for all you do for ministry I love you ma

Celebrating God’s General, a man after His heart, a FISHER OF MEN (If you know, you know😉) Happy Birthday Pastor Dan LOADING...🙌🏾💃🏽 #pdangotip #pdan2loaded #blwusagroup2

But somewhere in the world it’s already June 3rd, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR! @pastordangotip #pdangotip #pdan2loaded #blwusagroup2

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Lola. A glorious year and 1,000 times greater.

⭐A Refreshing Thought For You Today⭐ Monday, 3 2019. The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to us—the greatest blessing in our lives as Christians. Trust Him with your life, and He’ll manifest Himself in and through you. Read 👉

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Celebrating a son in the house. Pst Kendy D’BLESSED & D’GREAT. Your loyalty, commitment and dedication is undeniable. Thank you for your continued selflessness in kingdom expansion. The SUPERNATURAL remains your playing field. I love you BIG! 💖 #cescarborough

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