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God is not man, one given to lies,and not a son of man changing his mind.Does he speak and not do what he says?Does he promise and not come through? (Numbers 23:19|MSG By your words I can see where I'm going;they throw a beam of light on my dark path. (Psalms 119:105|MSG

God is not man, one
Nashoe nyasha


Jesus Lord my and yoeur Mesiach and Savior . My and Your biig The vwry veeu goood Love

Jesus Christ is my your the Lord.


Truly your name is GREAT! Happy birthday SON, today I say to you; it is from Glory to Glory, your greatness is beyond our wildest dream, what the Lord is doing with you is nothing the world has seen before. Keep enjoying all the blessings of God today and always.

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The Jesus Christ my and your Mesiah and Savior biig and very very gooood Love

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ميلادي ياغالي 💔😔

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