Pst Cletus Maliva: Every1 has their idea about on KingsChat Web

Every1 has their idea about everything but God's idea is what counts&his idea 4d now is vision400!Talk it,see it&do it. #ewcavz4 @cendobo

Pst Cletus Maliva avatar picture Congratulations sir

Congratulations Sir,.. ..Zone 2..two much..winning is indeed our birthright.

Lagos zone 2 all the way with our lovely Father Pastor Vale

Happy birthday my dear sis. Leo. Thank you for serving the Lord wholeheartedly #ewcavz4

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HBD Sis, Leonie #Keepflourishing #LeonieRocks #Cendobo

nwvz2 2am Sunday Service Preparatory Prayer Session_Sunday 25th June

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Lagos Zone 1's Brother Victor Ibhazehiebo winner of 'PCF Leader of the Year'. Full story on LoveWorld News at

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