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CONFESSION Dear Father, thank you for your love in my heart; I walk in dominion today, because you’ve given me the spirit of power, love, and of a sound mind! I walk worthy of you unto all pleasing, rejoicing that you’ve caused me to triumph over fear, Satan, and the world. Hallelujah!

CONFESSION Dear Father, thank you

I affirm that the word of God has built in me an excellent character #cemidwestzone #CeBowen #iloveEsteemedpastorMaryOwase

@ Life is Easy CEPH ZONE 2 CAROL SERVICE GOD IS HERE... #cephzone2

Carol concert #cephzone Awesome

Happy Birthday to the award winning and exceptional Pastor ! Thank you sir inspiring us to greater heights! #pto1812 #ceekpanreal #cemwz


A lot to be thankful for #blwmanchester #ukzone1thanksgiving


Sweet Carol service Enjoyed yourself #cerukpokwuphzone3

Happy birthday Br Lizwi. You're blessed of the Holy Ghost. I love you. #cethorngrove #cesazone5

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