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#LCAChurch6HostsCELVZ2.0 #LCAChurch6 #LCAChurch6HostsCELVZ

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Family Season with Pastor John(Men's Week) #SouthEastRegion #Ceowerri Service Highlights!


Today Service was woow

#vmcoc Watch the rebroadcast of the 2018 Volunteer Medical Corps Online conference! Theme: Advancing Innovation in Medicine Highly engaging and informative!

SUNDAY SERVICE AT CHRIST EMBASSY KORODUMA WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR UYI IDUGBOE -October 28, 2018 The service was filled with the joy of the Spirit as the brethren, enraptured in the teaching of God's Word, received a greater level of understanding from the continuing series 'UPGRADING YOUR KNOWLEDGE." Esteemed Pastor Uyi Idugboe, teaching from Colossians 1:12 -13, 2 Timothy 2:25 and the story of Job delivered these inspiring highlights: 👉We are in the Kingdom of light NOW 👉Fear is an external force. Fear is a door for the devil to come in. When you understand that fear is not inside you's not part of your design, you'll be liberated. 👉Job opened the door to his calamity by his fear. The Lord knew Job dwelled in safety. Job did not have that knowledge. He needed to upgrade his knowledge. 👉To oppose yourself is to go against what God says. 👉It is not how long you have been in church that makes you grow. You are promoted because you have increased in knowledge. 👉Faith is a door that brings in all of God to you. 👉The more you know, the more colour there is in your life. #CEKorodumaGoneGlobal #CEAbujamincentre #KINGINGwithPastorUyi FOLLOW THIS SUPERUSER ACCOUNT

The Holy Spirit is my strengthener #Cesazone5

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