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FAITH is... Now FAITH is the evidence of things not seen... Faith is the evidence of the reality of the existence of things that are not seen with the physical eyes. A judge in a trial was not present when offence was committed BUT based on the evidence before him, he has to make a decision to convict or acquit the accused. The evidence he considers is FAITH. You are the judge. Your success is that unseen thing that your court has to decide on its reality and existence. The evidence that you consider will determine if your success is real or not. God's Word contains evidence. But so is your level of education. Your gender. Your nativity. Your bank balance. Your hormones. Your doctor's report. Your parents' words. Your teachers' words. Your history. These are all evidence. Which of them is admissible in your court? You are the judge. Abraham CONSIDERED NOT his own body. He threw out that evidence. Scriptures cry out "who has believed our report (evidence)?". Evidence (Faith) comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Not your body. Not your feelings. Which way you rule, as the judge, depends on the evidence that you consider. I counsel you to consider only the evidence that validates the reality and certainty of those things you hope for. You can find them in the Word of God. #totalexperienceasaba

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International day of service in honor of our Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhelome. A rear opportunity. I love you Pastor. #OFER7 #IDOS #CEBZ3

LADEX Cell celebrating DOS@Saviour Orphanage Home, gave out clippers, barbing accessories and kiddies ROR.HBD Pastor we love you so much Sir

#BLWDayOfService in Nigerian Prison Aba and Orphanage home Aba all in Abia State. More news to follow. We love you a lot, Sir.

BLWdayof service #Texasregion

Blw day of Service🙌🙌 #CEGillingham #UKVZone4

BLW Milton Keynes spreading liquid love in honour of our Daddy😊 #ItsMyDaddy'sBirthday #IDS #iRepPastorChris

It's an honour to do offer 7 sir... the undiluted word of God you teach us and the exceptionalism... I am eternally greatful. #offer7

#dec7 #teamchampion I can never be disadvantaged thank you lord


#blw1 Manchester #ukzone1 #BLWDAYOFSERVICE induction before we start our day of service

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