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Am blessed #mhis #cebeninzone3

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Everything written about me is great.

We have been given dominion to rule on earth Act your FAITH and BELIEVE #cewarrizone #church4 #dobwarrizone #pastorchris #mhis #4daysofglory

#mhis #cebeninzone3

. He's work worketh mightily in me. I have the power of the Holy spirit. #ss1vz2 #cebayelsa #TLB. #cemainlandgroup #ceagudama

The Legality of Asking the Father in Jesus' Name — Excerpt from Sunday Service Pastor explains that it’s a beggarly condition to ask the father for Jesus’ sake. Ministering in an atmosphere super-charged with God’s presence, Pastor delved extensively on the difference between ‘asking in Jesus name', and 'asking for Jesus’ sake’ as he equipped the congregants at the LoveWorld Conference Center for a more productive prayer life. “God doesn’t answer your prayers for Jesus’ sake, there’s a huge difference between asking for Jesus’ sake and asking in the name of Jesus", Pastor declared as he expounded on the legality of asking in the name of Jesus. #lagzone2

You dont stop because No One is helping you, You stop because you're Done. Did you hear me?

17 October 2016 - Divine Health Realities - Audio Podcast. http://cehs.ch/?i=24710

God is still talking to us daily,r u listening? #cewarrizone#ceuppererejuwa#pacesetterscell.


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