CE Onitsha Zone: ARE YOU READY!!!! It's Global on KingsChat Web

ARE YOU READY!!!! It's Global Rhapathon with Our Dear Man Of God Rev Chris From January 20th to January 24th. Don't be told about it. #globalrhapathon #20yearsinprint #ceonitshazone

ARE YOU READY!!!! It's Global
Blessing Iyamah



Patriq ijoma


Glory to Jesus!!

With The Esteemed Deacon Increase!!! #cetxzone1

The entrance of thy Word giveth light.

With My future Doctor Tustus ! ##cetxzone1

We are ready now and #loveworldnext will fully kickstart this Sunday 12th January @4PM #Cameroon

#RORat20 #MyRhapsodystory #Rhapathon2020

This promise is not for you only, but for those we are afar off.

With my Pastor The Highly Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle !!! #cetxzone1

Updated her profile photo


Speak in tongues, you become bold.

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