Deejay: #ewordmission experience the presence of on KingsChat Web

#ewordmission experience the presence of God's Spirit!

#ewordmission experience the presence of

He taught me that God is God to the extent that He can decide to be full while He is half full....😃😃aaah #PA22june #blwsazone #groupj

To be successful in life you must be deaf and blind woow.... what a message from Rev Tom

Still celebrating Dcness Ovo Ofuoma. To the increase of your spreading there be no end. I love and appreciate you dearly.😘

General on hill twale pastor ma #cewarrizone #church1b #roseofsharon

Young and old alike.....the word has gone forth.

I'm full of Joy!!! And I can't help but show it, speak it and shout it! GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃

Reachout France 2016(ROFRA)kicks off in the city of Rennes with the fete de la musique

Am heaping up grace and peace in increasing measure. Wowwwww! see Enjoyment. Gloryyyyyyyyyyy #ROR #SEVZ1

"I am spreading into every man's world. #E-wordmission." — Nina Olivers (

Mid Year Thanksgiving! Wow!What shall I give to the Lord,for all that he has done for us in the Ministry! A heart full of gratitude.

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