Righteous Pastor Sbu: Oh! I love the Word on KingsChat Web

Oh! I love the Word of God in the Bible. The Word of God is the mirror of Righteousness #cecapetown #blwsazonec #understandingRighteousness

Oh! I love the Word

Let's trend today with a unique word #Plarouche 🤩🤩🤩

I know who I am and therefore I say who I am regardless of what I see or feel 🗣 - - - #LoveworldPublishingOfficeUKEurope #DigitalTuesday #StaffDigitalLibrary #Perfection

Happy birthday dearest Pastor Lanre, your commitment is inspiring. Thank you for your work. The Lord has you made excellent full of glory and loaded for the gospel. #teamcalabarrocks #cmc2020

Updated his profile photo

Are you ready for it?🔥🔥🔥 Cause I am😎 #GlobalRORmanagersPrayer #CampusMinistryHost

Happy birthday to the best minister of the gospel. I appreciate you. Working with you was such a glorious time.

#ReggaeDoseOff posts are spontaneous in nature...I sing right on the spot as the Holy Ghost gives me utterance. This is how I know you will be tremendously blessed by it. Stay tuned for today's Inspiration people! #iamapriestinoffice

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pst Sir/Ma

God is so gracious and kind and may his name be glorified forever. Happy Birthday to me!!!!


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