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#HSPC Get ready!!!

#HSPC Get ready!!!

Mydeclaration...I declare that God's word is working in migthyly in me and causes me to be super impacting my world greatly

There is no lack in my life. I am lavishly and completely sufficient for everything - need, good work and charitable effort. #mydeclaration

Every member of my immediate & extended family has come to the knowledge of God’s word; fulfilling our divine destinies #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration God z my source,supply& sustenance.I can nvr run dry. I am rich powerful& influential. I hv al dt ptns to life nd Godliness.

My church grows and many more come to the knowledge of Christ . I speak not in the wisdom of mortal men . #mydeclaration

In my family, We are trees of righteousness bearing fruits of righteousness. Things ALWAYS walk together for our good #mydeclaration

We Love The Way You Father Us Grace-Full CMD👌 #CMDPC2018 #ZoneLCelebratesTheGraceFullCMD

I am receiving knowledge of the word of God I am spreading every where I received financial miracle My cell is growing in knowledge

#faithdeclarations That same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me & vitalizes my mortal body by his power working in me.

I declare that all nation shall see litgh and that in eny were I lay my heans shall prosper! In Jesus name amen

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