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What an experience in today service. Church without walls. Tremendous fellowship with the greatest men of God in United Kingdom Mind is stayed on the WORD I am a custodian of the word of God Thank you Pastor for this awesome experience

What an experience in today What an experience in today

#SundayServicewithPastorObi #CeUkZone3 #DSP

James 1:22. I am a word practitioner. The information I hear forms my character. The word I have my spirit awakened to is the only one I can respond to. #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRAL

Thank volunteer Sharon

‘Even if you feel weak and unable, it doesn’t matter, exercise your authority’ Pastor Obi Speak to that symptom! Declare Gods word regarding that situation! Know who you are in Christ Jesus! Fear NOT!!!! #ceukzone3 #dspukzone3 #sundayservicewithpastorobi #cehackney

When I hear, I respond. My mind is an instrument. When my mind is renewed, I can know the perfect will of God in this year of perfection and beyond. The word is my source and I am sustained by the word. #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRAL



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Only God’s truth will put me over in life. I am becoming so well adjusted to the culture of the word, Lord, body of Christ, such that I fit into it without even thinking. I am changed inside out because am fixed on God. #UKZONE2 #LWCENTRAL

Ongoing service with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor at several service centres in the city. Glory to God. #cebeninzone1

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