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#MyDeclaration God has perfected that which He started concerning the healing of the bed sore on my mum!!!! #MyPrayerWeekTestimony Total and divine restoration for my mum for all time!!! I have the victory!!!!

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#MyDeclaration There is peace in the country in which I reside and in all the nations around the world

#Mydeclaration mes projets aboutissent excellemment ! Le plan de Dieu sur la vie de mes parents et soeurs s'accomplissent !

#there's sudden manifestation of the wisdom of God, in my life, in what I do, in what I think, in what I say, and I am the perfection of God's dream for me. Hallelujah!

#prayerweek #southafrica #prayingnow

# I operate from point of rest. I have ceased from every struggle. I refuse to worry, I refuse to fear #mydeclaration

2 Chronicles 14:11 [MSG]💥💥 "O God, you aren't impressed by numbers or intimidated by a show of force once you decide to help: Help us, O God; we have come out to meet this huge army because we trust in you and who you are. Don't let mere mortals stand against you!" #prayerweek!

I declare in the name of Jesus Christ that every opposing forces in my relationship has been defeated.#mydeclaration

#prayingnow #Nigeria #mydeclaration I have passed plab2 exam. I have my UK visa. I have passed ielts ukvi. My sister has passed her plab2

#my prayerweek #United kingdom

#prayerweek #cekujeabujazone #mydeclaratiom I declare that peace of the Lord that passes understanding is at work in me. My finances receive a higher lift from all sides . I ve the ideas required I have the ability that causes changes in me and all things are working my good IJN

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