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My life is from glory to glory!! there is no death in my life!! I'm rich!!! B/c God made rich me!! I'm blessed !!!

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There is only one sovereign and supreme ruler: His name is Jesus Christ; the King of kings and Lord of lords. #1timothy6v15

#amen #tanzania

#prayer request Pray for salvation for my family that they come to know the knowledge of God's word.

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#Prayingnow #UK #BLW LEEDS

The Lord God is my Judge #mydeclaration

JESUS HAS A SAY IN D JUDICIARY, LEGISLATURE & EXECUTIVE. GLORY! #GlobalPrayerWeek #PrayingNow #LiveUpdates #Power4Change #Mydeclaration

The Church got the real Power! Every other powers that be, are subject to the authority of the church. The church is in office. glory!

I stand for Jesus everywhere! I have no fear! Gloorryyy!

Christ is above them all! Global Prayer Network! Isaiah 33.22 God is Judiciary, Legislature, Executive #Prayingnow #CEYORK #CANADA #Amen

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