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Who is like unto thee oh God? Amongst the gods who is like unto thee? #NewCreationMelodies #Singing @sbygrace @osinachiegbu

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Happy birthday sister Tula. My woman of excellence. Love you lots. #BLWMANCHESTER.

Happy birthday to the most heart warming person. I have ever met. Sister Nokutula of the most high.

Worship Him Every Day When you study the twenty-ninth to the thirtieth chapter of the Book of Exodus, you’d find how that the Lord gave the children of Israel certain instructions, and asked that they rendered sin offering, burnt offerings and incense. These were to be done every day. However, God wasn’t pleased with the sacrifice and offerings of these animals; He wanted the perfect sacrifice: Christ Jesus. Over in the New Testament, Jesus became our sin offering. He was offered for us as one sacrifice, forever. ...The sanctuary of the old covenant was going to be removed and replaced. What then would take the place of the incense that was offered to God regularly, and the sacrifices that He commanded the priests to offer morning and evening? It’s our prayers of worship and the lifting up of our hands! God says this should be perpetual; it should never cease. Learn more from today's Rhapsody.


We Are 18 Days Away To A Night Inundated With Special Grace, As We Are Ushered To Greater And More Intimate Knowledge Of God Through The Revelation of God's Word. Come Expectant! It's Your Set Time For the Miraculous At Night of Bliss in Randburg With Pastor Ose Oyakhilome #NOBRANDBURG2 #NOBSAZONE1

Happy birthday sister Tula. Beautiful inside and outside. Love you dearly. #BLWMANCHESTER

SPEAK THE WORD TODAY! My mind is anointed for growth and supernatural success! I know what to do; I know when to do what to do; and I know how to do what to do, through the guidance and light that I receive from the Holy Spirit and the Word. To attend the 2017 International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Online Conference, kindly log on to

The only way to get what you want,is by your worship to God,for you've said enough.... #woshipisthekeytoeveryanswer

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