LoveWorld USA: Day 4 with our Man on KingsChat Web

Day 4 with our Man of God Pastor Chris Live Now!!! Tune In as we pray to cause changes in our world #GlobalPrayerWeek #LWUSA #LoveWorldUSA

Day 4 with our Man

All things work together for the good of my family and I. Lines are falling for us in pleasant places #mydeclaration

I'm experiencing supernatural change in every area of my life #Mydeclaration

My declaration, every work of tradition in my family is broken and every spirit of trandition and idolatry is fine from among them.

I declare that in all that I do I work with speed and accuracy and I get things done the first time with no Struggle. #MyDeclarations

I fulfill my purpose in God without reproach. My life is the glory of the word #mydeclaration

I'm the love of God manifested #mydeclaration

#praying now Glory to God!!!!

I declare that I'm fruitful and productive, I walk in devine health daily and I'm financially buoyant #mydeclearation

I declare inexplicable blessings, successes & excellence in the lives of my brethren. #mydeclaration

Am made for life coz I am heir to the promises of Abraham, am joint heirs with Christ Jesus therefore I enjoy the overflow.. #mydeclaration

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