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The clock is ticking...... Less than 2 Days to The Haven Convention with Pastor Chris Glorious things are spoken of the Haven Nation. #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris "Advancing the Kingdom:Next Frontiers"

The clock is ticking...... Less The clock is ticking...... Less

A son of consolation, helper of d work in every aspect of ministry. Happy Birthday Pastor Jide Owoyemi Sir.#cewarrizone #hschcarecentre

The clock is ticking..... less than 2 Days to Go!!! Glorious things are spoken of the Haven Nation. #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris

It's a great honour to join d host of BLW Nation to Celebrate a Man whose heart is after God.HBD Pastor Jide Sir#cewarrizone #hschcarecentre

Angels are not sent to preach the Gospel. Men preach to men. acts 10: 3-5 WED SERVICE WITH PASTOR OKET #Vision400 #ewcavz4

A Special Lunch Hour Service with Rev Tom. Think big. Your life is not a game of chance. God has great plans for your life. If you are living a life you don't like, all you need do is to stop and take control of your life. You must know you are not subject to circumstances and situations. The only way God can take you beyond where you are is if you allow him to influence you. God said to Abraham to count the stars in the sky...As he looked, he was seeing the faces of his children, then God said to him; so shall your seed be. What do you see? There is something called " Grace by association". Understand that a blessed man, doesn't strife. You are too loaded for strife. Nothing can be taken from you to bring you down. Be bold in your vision. Your life should not be limited by your salary. You have the yeast to rise. Isaiah 54:2-4 (MSG) Think big .... #cedurumi #ABUJAICLC2017 #RevTominAbuja #wednesdayspecial

No amount of prayer without preaching can save any man. Bring the Gospel to the souls around you, preach it. #vision400 #ewcavz4

Tick tock..tick tock ....

Save the date... Let's Dance... #cekano #nwvz2 #letsdance #boyonhat

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