PTOGLORY: Happy birthday PT @psttosinomole you on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday PT @psttosinomole you already know how it is, no need for long story or edits 😁. Happy birthday to the best of the best. I love you

Happy birthday PT @psttosinomole you Happy birthday PT @psttosinomole you Happy birthday PT @psttosinomole you
PstTosin Omole


Thanks PT 🙂

We are starting right in 2019 Time to shine #UKVZ4ASTEST #CEROMFORD #LIGHTS #UKREG2

It's 9 days to the EPE CONFERENCE WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR BIODUN LAWAL IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. From the 18th-20th of January 2019. It's a gathering of Kings and great things are bound to happen in the epoch making conference in this year of lights. Don't Miss it! #CEUSAREGION2 #EPEUSAREGION2

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#loveworldnetworksprays #loveworldsat

Am a city set upon d hill,my light cannot be hidden #CEBmidwestzone #CEBsilukomodel

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There is no darkness around me,l am light #CEBmidwestzone #CEBsilukomodel

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Still Celebrating Esteemed Pastor Ola. A helper of the War. Thank you for all you do in Ministry. We love and appreciate you Dearly.

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