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♦️Happening Now! Rhapathon Day 11 with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor. 2 Corinthians 8:1-2 MSG, Now, friends, I want to report on the surprising and generous ways in which God is working in the churches in Macedonia province. Fierce troubles came down on the people of those churches, pushing them to the very limit. The trial exposed their true colors: They were incredibly happy, though desperately poor. The pressure triggered something totally unexpected: an outpouring of pure and generous gifts. URL: bit.ly/ceflix-live #CeAccraGhanaZone #Rhapathon2021

♦️Happening Now! Rhapathon Day 11 ♦️Happening Now! Rhapathon Day 11


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Monalisa Olivia Brew Dally



I'm a soul winner My faith prevails #wordfest3 #wordfest2021 #blwzoneJ #campusministryrocks

Its still day 10 of Word Fest 3. Hurry now, use the unique link below to participate today. https://pastorchrisdigitallibrary.org/wordfest3/cephzone1 #WordFest2021 #WordFest3 #cephzone1 #WordatWork #watchonpcdltv #ihostaviewingcentre #wordfestoutreaches #thankyoupastorchris #monthofillumination

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Am her new need some friend

God has made me an ardent soul winner. This gospel is working in me! #Day10 #WordFest3 #PCDL #campusministryrocks #blwukzonea #pcdltv

Glory to God!!!

Happy birthday Bros Alvin, the man on a mission. You are unstoppable, more grace for more supernatural accomplishments. We shall celebrate you till rapture. I love you richly.😀❤💓

I walk in the consciousness of The Word #wordfest3 #wordfest2021 #blwzoneJ #campusministryrocks

The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it: #UKzone2 #EveryMemberAStakeholder #EMAS

Happy Birthday to my special friend & God's special gift to me. You're another proof that God loves me. Thank you being my No.1 cheer leader, for loving & serving the Lord with me in ministry, for J, PJ & for all D support. Good is turned towards and D Land is Green for you.

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