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Falling in love with Christ was the best decision I ever made #CesaZone5 #HarareCBD #Thanksgiving

I’m burstg with God-news; I’m dancg d song of my Savior God God took 1 good look @ me, & look what happened—#SacrificeOfPraise🙌 #cemontreal

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Arise and shine. Its a brand new day, yet another opportunity to burn and shine for God! #CesaZone5 #HarareCBD #Thanksgiving

-Offer 7 Children's Party It was fun all the way at the Christ Embassy Kano offer 7 Children's Party. We celebrated our No1 Super Dad in a grand way. We love you Sir. #StillCelebratingDad #CEKano #NWVZ2

You paid the price, the highest price, Im so grateful, for your love...*singing* #CesaZone5 #HarareCBD #Thanksgiving

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I can't keep calm for my birthday,Thank Jesus for been faithful to me.@12Dec

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