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Updated his profile photo

Celebrating my Mum! She's beautiful She's super anointed She's selfless She gracious She's my role model I love ❤ u Mama

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it- Proverbs 10:22. #THESPIRITWORD

Happy glorious birthday ma. You are so full of inspiration! Pose1115

Celebrating a beauty.Celebrating a Kingdom minded individual.One who has laid her all on the altar. A true role model.@pastorose😚#POSE1115❤

#IPPC2017 #ippcdaily #BLWCelebrates30years IPPC Kickstarts In Grand Style The International Pastors and Partners Conference 2017 which took off on Eagles wings on Monday 13th November, 2017 will keep soaring higher and higher till Sunday 19th November 2017. Since the commencement activities, it has been a glowing experience on autopilot of overflowing anointing and blessings. With delegates from over 120 countries of the world attending, this Conference will probably be one of the best so far, even though every Conference since inception has been special in a uniquely special kind of way. This year’s conference like others before it has other conferences that will take place simultaneously. Some of the conferences are, the International Media Connectors Conference, the Translators Network International Conference and this year, there will be the Loveworld Teens Pastors and Leaders Conferences which will cater for the teenagers, grooming them and equipping them to reach their world and also prepare them for tomorrow’s leadership across different spectra of human endeavours. Moreso, other traditional side events such as the Loveworld Exhibitions, Loveworld Archives, and Loveworld Awards will take place and to wrap up the event will be the Loveworld Music and Arts Awards from the plethora of world class artistes and performers Believers Loveworld Incorporated has raised across the world. This year’s event which has attracted close to 19,000 delegates from over 120 countries of the world will have far reaching impact in Christendom. Moreso, it will bring together, people from diverse races, cultures and languages in attendance. The vast diversity the ministry’s activities have covered can be better appreciated when cognizance is taken of the fact that the most widely read daily devotional in the world, Rhapsody of Realities is now heading to 1000 languages translation, far more than any other book in the history of the world even the Bible. It is on record that the Bible, presently has 554 complete translations while about some of its portions have been translated into 2,932 languages. Officials at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport acknowledge the fact that the IPPC has brought more people into the country than any other single event. According to an Immigration official who spoke to IPPC Daily, “this is the busiest week for us as we have never had this number of passengers at a time. Moreso, some of them are coming from countries that we have not had passengers coming from before now such as Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and others like that. So it has not been as usual for us, but they are very civil, friendly and well behaved passengers, if this is the type of passengers we have been having, we won’t have challenges” he said. Hoteliers are not left out, same as taxi operators and vehicle hire service providers. According to one tourist operator who spoke with IPPC Daily, having huge numbers of people coming into a country all at once is of huge tourism and economic benefit. The expert who came from South Africa said that thousands of people came from Europe, North America, not to talk of those from over 37 countries of Africa. But aside from the economics and tourist potential of the IPPC, the spiritual angle which is the major factor of the gathering will have an unimaginable impact not only on the delegates, but also on Lagos in particular, and Nigeria, in general. For more updates on IPPC 2017, follow this SuperUser; like, comment and share... and visit www.ippcdaily.com

More grace to me as I used this Adom Fm Birthday counting down You can celebrate plus me at Second Cup inside Accra Mall. God bless y'all

Happy glorious birthday ma. A pacesetter indeed. -#Pose1115

Happy birthday Pastor Ma!Your results are absolutely evident!Thank you for all you do to advance the ministry!! I Love you Pastor!

Updated his profile photo

Is Christmas time!!!? Thank you Sir!! I love you so much Sir

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