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Happy Birthday Dear Brother Charles! The Lord sees all and has rewarded your labour of love. Your days are supernatural! I ❤️ you dearly

Happy Birthday Dear Brother Charles!

I am enjoying God! I am enjoying divinity and everyday I am more conscious of my divinity! I am not of this world or it's systems.

Happening now... teens awards.. Our own IPPC. Khabaya

Idiemuku Merit Family

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I have received an unusual Grace from God, I rise above the limitations of the mind💖💞🍀🌳🥂 #GracedToMaximumCapacity

I can't get over this....the hangover is still on strong. Can't stop speaking in tongues #JanCommunionService

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Thank you so much for all you do. God bless you richly. Love you dearly 💖 ( Bishop) 😉

Today I join the host of heaven to celebrate my princess, a grace and love personified God's gift to me the woman who taught me how to love

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