RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TODAY ~ THE HOLY SPIRIT: THE GLORY OF CHRISTIANITY Without the Holy Spirit, you can’t have the character of Christ. Jesus had to have the Holy Spirit. The apostles had to have the Holy Spirit. Life without the Holy Spirit is empty. If you haven’t received the Holy Spirit, do so right away. Simply say, “Blessed Holy Spirit, I receive you into my heart now in the Name of Jesus Christ”; and be filled with the Spirit of God. Amen Prepare With Rhapsody Through Digital Distribution 👉 bit.ly/34ShUOd PRAYER Precious Holy Spirit, I’m grateful for the privilege of fellowship with you. You’ve set me on the path of consistent progress, unending success and recurrent victory. You brought fruitfulness and productivity into my life, making my Christian walk one of beauty and joy. I pray for those who haven’t known you, that they be granted an understanding of your indispensable ministry in their lives, in Jesus’ Name. Amen #CELVZ #RhapsodyOfRealitiesToday #TheMonthOfGrace #In #TheYearOfPreparation



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Jeanette Favour Is My Name



“I was tested and proven. I came out successfully.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR SERVICE IN THE HOUSE!🙌⚡ "&whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, &not unto men; Knowing that ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ" Col 3:23-24🙌⚡ #CECANADA #CEBRAMPTONEAST #MONTHOFGRACE #CEBEAWARDS

“God finished the works before I came.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

Musings from a thought-provoking combo I had earlier this evening with a dear friend and brother in Christ. I love it when I engage with fellow heirs of God with such sharpened mindset and insight into the mind and character of God. Be blessed as you ponder over it. #SpeakTheWord #CreateYourWorld #powerofwords #masterwords #speakright #leadershipchallenge #leadershipandmanagement

Las las na God o 🔥#CELVZYouthChurch #StreetInvasion2021 #February6 #TheBounce

8. We were told to shut down immediately, I was like enh? Not without leading on lookers and passers-by to Christ, we made an alter call, and people came out to give their hearts to christ. The Policemen waited 🤪 #CELVZYouthChurch #StreetInvasion2021 #February6 #TheBounce

“The divine DNA in me is responding to the word.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“Live the Christian living.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“You cannot have the word and be confused.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

“Whatever you meditate upon, it will come out.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

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