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Anyone ready for the grand finale ? #YourLoveworld #What a glorious moment #Thank you PastorSir #You are simply the Best

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That same Spirit that raised my Lord Jesus from the dead dwells in me; therefore my body is vitalized by God’s Spirit. Hallelujah!

I walk in health and strength every single day of my life.

It just 15 days more... Are you ready? #sinachliveinbenin #sinachinbenin

Blessed be God

I’m the effulgence of His beauty and grace! Hallelujah!

HBD Pastor Sir. He is so loving and caring, he has impacted so many lifes in the campus ministry. Today I celebrate an EXCEPTIONAL HERO

There is nothing Excellent that is lacking in my life. glorrrryyyyy #nightofblissbayelsa2018 #TLB #cebayelsa #thelandofgrace

My seed is my arrow of my wealth

PRICELESS MOMENT OF GLOBAL IMPACT!! Tune in today for the final sessions of your LoveWorld at 10:00 and 16:00 GMT and remember to shoot those arrows(sow those seeds) you have left guaranteeing your supernatural future. You are perfumed with Divinity!! God Bless You! #YOURLOVEWORLD #UKREG2TEN4ONE #SUPERNATURAL #GREEN2018 #10IN1

My seed is my arrow of my promotion

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