phineas mukomazi: I can see everything turning on KingsChat Web

I can see everything turning around for my good this is true. #3daysofprayerandfasting #cekuwadzana #cesazone5

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Na today? What a season to celebrate an amiable, loving, caring & wonderful WOG. Your calmness is really HUGE! Congrats #ceuppererejuwa

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Happy Birthday to An Epitome of God's beauty. #ppamrocks #lagzone2

Awesome God you are soo good # thanksgiving

Jesus is lord

Thank you ma for been so exceptional, kindhearted and unique, I love you ma. #ppamrocks #lagzone2

Your favor surrounds me like a shield. No one knows like a know what you have done for me # thanksgiving

Oh Lord I am very very grateful for all you have done for me I am saying thank you Jesus.

Happy birthday to my mum, you are special indeed and we love you dearly

God has bn gracious,merciful and kind towards us in this year of spreading! I can't thank Him enough! #Thanksgivingmoodactivated #Abujazone

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