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Wow what a day an Army of God was born,a passionate giver,an award winning.i and the host of angles stand's on our feet to salute you saying happy perfection birthday sir, we love you keep winning.

Wow what a day an Wow what a day an Wow what a day an
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There is an overflow for you and abundance of blessings,Happy birthday Sir

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Celebrating God’s vessel of glory and perfection. Happy birthday Sister Schamma. We love and appreciate you. #CEKitchener

Osubigroup Prayer-Thon Section at Jeddo Church. #prayingnow #pclprayerthon2020 #prayerthon2020 #iamapriestinoffice #osubigroup #wmc #nigeria

It's Happening now on pastorchrislive.org ! CE Warri Ministry Centre is leading the prayer at the ongoing one Year PastorChrisLive Pray-A-Thon 2020. As you Pray, kindly share on the comment feed these hashtags and post on your kingschat timelines: #prayingnow #prayathon2020 #pclprayathon2020 #Iamapriestinoffice #centralgroup #warriministrycentre #Nigeria Watch this space for live updates! God bless you.


Only God’s Word can diagnose pride in the heart of a man. As you study, meditate or listen to God’s Word; it “x-rays” your heart to reveal what’s therein. If there’s pride or something that’s not right, the Word will reveal it for you to make the necessary changes.#ROR

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Oh saints of God join me as we celebrate our man of God,our pastor,our teacher, our award winning pastors Ewomazino Obeghe.happy birthday pastor sir we love you.

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Celebrating an amazing personality. Ever smiling, loving and caring. Happy Birthday sister Lizzy. Thank you for the wonderful blessing you are. Surely God has perfected that which concerns you. You will continually walk in d part he ordained for you to walk. Amen. I love you.

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