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#ippcloaded #IPPC2016 has so far been simply phenomenal and there's still more to come. Are you participating from an offsite location? Tell us where you are viewing from then share your experience with your #selfies and #groupies right on your timeline. Looking to another great day today. Keep following this SuperUser and log on to ippcdaily.com for updates.

#ippcloaded #IPPC2016 has so far

It does not matter where you have been in life ,The Word Can build you up. Acts 20:32. Acts. Acts .#cebeninzone3,

"When you speak from the Holy Spirit, you are speaking God’s will," Pastor teaches on prophecy. Get the full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/b2nt4 #Cesaanzp

IPPC 2016 WE WERE NOT AS SHEEP TURNED ASTRAY, WE WERE DEAD IN SINS - Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome The glory and inspiration of God was unleashed as Partners listened intently to the President of the Believers Loveworld Nation expounding on greater revelations from God's word. "1 Peter 2:24 shows that there's the milk, meat and strong meat of the Word.  There's a part of the above scripture that's not addressed to Christians. When Peter was writing this scripture, he was addressing the Jewish Christians. Don't just quote scriptures, apply them to your life." Pastor Chris showed from Isaiah 53:5 Jeremiah 3:22 and 1 Chronicles 7:22 that the Jewish people were healed from their backsliding. Backsliding is a turning away from the right path, a straying from the right course.  "It's not about sickness and disease, it's about the returning of the conditions where God's righteousness prevails. The new creation is not a "returning" one. We were not as sheep turned astray, we were dead in sins. The Jews were given the law, they turned from it. When you are a Christian, you are neither Jew nor gentile. When Jesus died on the cross, what He was doing for the Jew was different from what He did for the gentile.  This is important because there are three types of sin. 1. Inherited Sin- Man has inherited sin from Adam. Sin is primarily inherited. Sin is a spiritual thing. It is passed from person to person. The whole world has inherited sin from Adam, its like the human nature, inherited from Adam. All have sinned in Adam. That's why Jesus said, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  2. Imputed Sin: It means taking something that belongs to one and crediting iSt to the account of the other for legal reasons. Pray for your nation, because you cannot escape the condemnation that comes on the country because of the evil work of the people.  If you're not praying for your country, you're being negligent. It's not about the percentage, its about the wickedness.  Men have seen so much evil that they just don't care anymore. Their hearts have become callous, just like in the days of Lot. 3. Personal Sin: That which you committed yourself.  However, only the blood of Jesus Christ purges away every sin!" #IPPC2016 #CEPHZONE1

Very Special Happy birthday to my egbon of lyf nd my dear friend. I love you biggy. Congrats bro. #HBDP.Rho #DjRozonix #Rozon"fortified"

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#imcc2016 #cebeninzone1 Am thinking!!!!!

Happy Birthday My Captain, My Desire & Best Friend, It's Ur Month & Year Of Moving Forward and Upward! I love you immeasurably #ceabujazone


"God's word is God's wisdom so if you accept it, it will make you wise" Pst Chris #IPPC2016 #CECANADA

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