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Happy birthday Jennè De Blessed, Thank you very much for your love and passion for the gospel and your selfless commitment to the LMAM Canada mandate. We celebrate you today and always. God bless you richly.

Happy birthday Jennè De Blessed, Happy birthday Jennè De Blessed,


Thank you so much @mhjb @siscandace @oum @lmamcan I love you all and God bless you so richly

Marie Hélène Jean Baptiste


Happy light full and perfect birthday sis Jenne. 🥳🍾Perfection is indeed your portion in this year! Great things are spoken of you for the Lord has His mighty Hand of grace upon you🥰🌺

Sis Candace


Happy birthday sis Jennifer ❤



Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉


If I'm like this after all these years of being with the Word, how much worse could it have been if I hadn't studied?

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Celebrating Light! Celebrating Achievements! Celebrating Grace ! Celebrating Love! Celebrating Leadership! Celebrating a pastor and a boss! Happy birthday pastor sir..Thank you for the tremendous impact you've made in our lives and in the Zone.I love you endlessly sir.

A PEACE ENVIRONMENT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY ! #RefrainFromNegativity #Do Away With Anything Inconsistent With GOD's Word Standing In The Way Of Your Peace & God's Perfect will for Your Life. #PositiveVibesOnly #NoContrabands #MyRORToday

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Song of the day. Sing along and shout glorrrrrryyyyyyy. With my hands lifted up and my month filled with praise, with a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless you oh Lord. I will bless you oh Lord, I will bless you oh Lord, with a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless you oh Lord

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C.L.E.A.R. THIS YEAR C-Clearly identify where you’re trying to go. L-Limit the things that disrupt your vision & focus. E-Effectively manage your mornings & days. A-Allow yourself to rest & take breaks. R-Realistically set your goals/to-do lists


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