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PHOTO SPEAKS: THE KAMPALA CITY CRUSADE WITH PASTOR LOUIS! Watch the Kampala City Crusade with the link below on ceflix https://www.ceflix.org/videos/watch/3927 #KampalaCity0806 #KampalaCityC0806


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10 for 1 Campaign, Rhapsody of Realties for Kids and Early Readers. WOW! So many souls won to Christ in the community. #CETYNWALD #SAZone5

Be registered to receive your healing at the healing school. It's free, just be there and receive grace #ceaccraghana #ceavenor

🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #HOLYSPIRITCSO @CSO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtJjdmFaNeQ

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SUPER SUNDAY WITH THE ESTEEMED ZONAL Pastor OF CHRIST EMBASSY LAGOS ZONE 2, PASTOR EMEKA EZE, AT CHRIST EMBASSY KARU ABUJA - 10TH JUNE 2018. MESSAGE HIGHLIGHTS. Psalms 107:17-22 ✍️"...He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. 107:21 Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! 107:22 And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing."_ It's important to study the context of a scripture to get the true meaning/message. ✍️A fool isn't the one that has no sense. A fool is the one that says in his heart there is no God. Intelligence and wisdom aren't the same thing. ✍️People who don't keep God in their knowledge (fools) are the ones that will have afflictions. And where there are afflictions, there are problems. ✍️John 10:10 talks about the ministry of the devil - to steal, to kill and destroy but Jesus came to give life in abundance. ✍️God created everything and it was good and gave man authority (made man god over the earth) but man bequitted his authority to the devil. Because of that, there is trouble in the world. ✍️A man may be going to Church for a long time but doesn't know God; doesn't know the Christ of Christianity. ✍️You can't be a Christian and have things go bad in your life. It is not normal for a child of God to be sick; it's either you're sick or you are normal. ✍️Our God is a Faith-God and we were made in His image and likeness. Man was naturally made to have faith; whether or not the person is a Christian. The question is what exactly do you believe in - in the word or the world? ✍️Whenever men don't trust God, God calls it an evil report because it reduces who you are. When a man moves away from the Word of God, he moves into problems. ✍️It gives God no joy to see any man go to hell because a part of God is in every man. ✍️When a man receives the Word of God, he receives all of the essence of God. ✍️Many people believe in Christ but they are going to hell. Faith receives a corresponding action. Even though you believe, you must take action to be saved. God has given us what to do. There are things we pray for and there are actions you take. ✍️God was waiting for Moses to take a step at the red sea and not to cry. Salvation is yours, take it. ✍️The Bible says, "whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved", not whosoever shall remember his sins. ✍️Until you say it, you won't have it. You're the Seed of Abraham, you're a haver. You always have. When you say you have, money will be looking for you. Everything has intelligence. Even when you don't want to give someone that makes a request, never say you don't have; say the truth with courtesy. ✍️There's a fact that may not be in accordance with the Word of God. What do you do? You suffocate the fact with the truth of God's word. ✍️When Jesus came out of the grave, He said "all hail, all power has been given unto me". The Christian doesn't need deliverance from anything because all power is in Jesus and you have Jesus in you. ✍️You're not a normal human being; God has made you gods. So when men are cast down, you are lifted up. ✍️God brought you out of darkness to make you a light to the world. There's a call of God upon your life. If you've received Jesus Christ, you're called and your sufficiency is of God. Too many people are falling short because they use their minds to serve God. ✍️Until men are seeing, you're not shining enough. Never be afraid of the darkness because the darker the night , the brighter your light will shine. When there are troubles all around, you're calm because there's peace in you. ✍️When you feel you're under the weather, come out of there and stay on top. When you are under pressure, remove your head. When they say something is after you, declare that goodness and mercies follows you all the days of your life. ✍️We have been called to inherit God's blessings. Glory to God forevermore! #ceabujazone #cekaru

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