Jodiva Jesus: WE celebrate you Gods amazing on KingsChat Web

WE celebrate you Gods amazing one WE celebrate You re a blessing to the nations We celebrate you You give our lives a meaning I love you

WE celebrate you Gods amazing WE celebrate you Gods amazing

#happeningnow #Philip@16 Dad and son celebrating the Day.

#blwcelebrates30years #blwkenyazone #blwmsa changing levels each day and year

Updated his profile photo

Celebrating the glory and the beauty of God.Pastor Dee I love you like Oxigen!!!!!! #CelekkiChoirRocks #LZ5Rocks #JodivaIncreasedGrace

Am thanking God for my family members life

Pls download this song, please here is the link

Happy birthday dear brother Charles. Thank you for all that you do for the body of Christ. Enjoy your day

RECEIVE FORGIVENESS If, as a Christian, you’re asking God for forgiveness, at what point will He tell you, “It’s okay; I’ve forgiven you”? You’ll probably keep asking for forgiveness, and you’ll never know whether you’ve been forgiven or not. LEARN MORE AS YOU STUDY TODAY'S ARTICLE #ror #ceonitshazone #vision400 #blwcelebrates30years

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit #Totalexperiencedouala #Imcc2017 #ewcavz4

Kindly download new song RIGHTEOUS FATHER BY Jodiva & Ruro

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