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I receive the answers to my prayers #amen

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#Amen #Austrian

Pastor Sir receive all prayers and words of prophecy in my spirit..#Amen #CECypress #TXRegion

Thank you dear Heavenly Father, LIFE flows through every fibre of Yinka's body from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. #Amen

My document can not hold down as I am preparing to put it on renew all be prosperous is not denier from me I am a success grace amen


What a wonderful Prayer Week it has been. So much have I received as for this week. Visions and Revelations. Thank you Father #Amen

#Amen AMEN 🙏

Pastor sir I believe in that prayer! #Amen

All infirmities & Ailments ravaging my family is gone and my home is sold out for God #Amen

#AMEN !!

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