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Loving Pastors who can find My love for you is unexplainable #April6th #ceonitshazone

Loving Pastors who can find

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO GREAT OBASI. Today we celebrate a man of Great passion and commitment. We are so glad to be a part of your special day. Thank you Sir, for all you do for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the furtherance of the Message of our Man of God. We love and appreciate most dearly. Happy Birthday Sir. #ewcazone2 #cetogo1

Happy Birthday to you Pst. Ma. There is no other mum like you. I pray that the Almighty God would continue to sustain you with His wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you continue nourish with the word.I love you Ma. #PLO0604 #celebratingexcellence #fromnoblemencellcephzone2ph

Happy birthday dear Sis Esther. Thank you for your great commitment in the Zone. Thank you for always being in the for front, a great helper of the war. Enjoy our new age filled with blessings. ❤

Happy glorious birthday to you pastor ma. We love you #plo0604 #perfectbirthday #celebratingexcellence

You: Happy birthday Pastor Linda. We celebrate your angelic Presence from, CE Hospital Road Bonny. #PLO604 #Perfectbirthday #Celebratingexcellence #finimagroup



Happy birthday dear, you are blessed.

Happy birthday of Perfection to our highly esteemed Regional Pastor and my Mum,Pastor Linda Okocha. You are the epitome of extravagant grace,love and excellence. We love you so passionately.

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