Onyenweaku Princewill: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo
perpetua Igwe Chu



#Day of bliss Smethwick #BIRMINGHAM1 #UKZONE1

Get ready for the 2018 International Day of Service! Sat Dec 1st to Dec 8. Celebrating our Father...Blessing our World More details in your Church Service today. #LWDayofService

Top Partnering parents and those to be(hahaha gloreee) in the Childrens church. The kids are on fire.worth celebrating #ewcavz4 #childrensawardsunday #cejouvence

I function in divine health #cebristolukvzone4

Updated his profile photo

As you grow your conversation changes #cebristolukvzone4

Success in life is not an accident! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Updated her profile photo

Congratulations Shadrach and Judith, beginning of a new dawn for you. But I caught that on Camera.. lol..

Celebration of life of the Mahops, Thank you Lord for fulfilling your word In us and manifesting his reality among us, Gloryyyyyyy. #celimbe#ewcavz4

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