Deacon Dappa Fombo: My Pastor, Hero, Prophet, Teacher, on KingsChat Web

My Pastor, Hero, Prophet, Teacher, Life Coach I love you so very much.

My Pastor, Hero, Prophet, Teacher,

Happy Birthday Father, thank you for teaching me God's word and today am shining. Father of champions, I celebrate you specially sir. Thank you for raising champions all over the world. I love you sir

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir from CE Kempton Park Teens❤🔥 #cekemptonpark #sazone2 #lwteensministy #offer7

As we celebrate our dear man of God on his birthday. CE Hackney took to the streets to share the good news and delivered much needed food and necessities to the Local Hackney Food Bank #soulwinning #internationaldayofservice #weloveyou @pastorchrislive #LWdayofservicedspukzone3

The ENCOUNTER! ... a special outreach movie not just for you but for your loved ones also. Live viewing happening tomorrow.5:00Pm @ Loveworld Grounds,Isolo. Don't come alone. Invite others to come and have an encounter with destiny!

CELEBRATING PASTOR CHRIS LIVE ON "FORGIVE & MOVE ON". Happy birthday Sir, we love you so dearly. #loveworldsat #offer7

LOVEWORLD INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE IN PROGRESS.... #LWdayofservice #december7 #warriministrycentre

Happy birthday Daddyyyyyy. We love youyou. #offer7 #ewcaz4 #Trbl

Blessed Happy Birthday to you Pastor Chris Oyakilhome Dsc. DD. Pastor you are a Treasure, a Gift to us from Almighty God. I Love and appreciate you. Pastor Sir Grace and love be multiplied to you forever. Enjoy your day to the full. Glory to God Hallelujah

Happy birthday Pastor Sir

CE Ndobo celebrating our Man of God, the Love word way, in service.... #ids2019 #celebratingPastorChris #rollupyoursleeves #dec7 #offer7 #ewcaz4 #cendobo

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