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DAILY NUGGETS CELEBRATE GOD'S GLORY IN YOUR LIFE ALL THE TIME.. We celebrate His glory in our lives through His word. Celebrate His word over your life all the time. When we live and talk according to His word in our lives, we glorify our heavenly Father and that glory is reflected in our lives. Talk about His goodness, grace, love and blessings continually before men, irrespective of the challenges surrounding you. When you celebrate His word over your life His glory is released and increases in your life. God's glory is what attract, favour, goodness, happiness and joy in your life. It makes your life beautiful and courses people(even strangers) to like you unconditionally. God's glory is what makes anything you put on look perfectly good on you. It makes you influential also. When the glory of God is in a man's life, his/her life will attract good things and even his/her enemies will be at peace with him/her. Though, things may look as if God's glory has departed from you. No, the gifts of God are without repentance. The glory is in you but you need to Activate it. If you will celebrate His word in your life, God's glory will be activated automatically in your life. The more you celebrate God's word over your life, the more His glory will increase in you. God takes pleasure in your happiness. Condemning yourself or being sad, does not glorifies your heavenly Father. Stop saying nasty things about yourself, they don't glorify God. Calling yourself names like; a poor sinner, is an insult to your heavenly Father. That's not humility but spiritual stupidity. If it doesn't glorify heaven, it will not benefit you either. Let all that you do in life be for the glory of God. You say to yourself; "I'm glad I belong to Jesus. Thank you Lord for given up your life for me. I'm the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Sin does not have power over me. Thank God I'm born again. I'm the glory of God because His glory is upon me. God loves me and He takes pleasure in me. I live my life to glorify the Lord. I'm blessed and highly favoured. Glory to God, Hallelujah!" This is how to celebrate God's glory in your life. Remain blessed. Follow this Super User Account for more inspiring articles. #cephzone2 #followpastorchris #monthofmeditation


Born to reign

#Thehavenconventionwithpastorchris I can't wait for the life changing experience. I am so expectant to move to higher levels

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

"All I see is u,as I worship n adore u,I yield myself 2 u,dis is where I want to be,in ur PRESENCE oh God #ThehavenconventionwithPastorChris

So much humbling grace.... Pace Setter, Pathfinder, a CHAMPION 4 ETERNITY!! #mymeditation #eternallygratefulLord🙌

MEGA CELL OUTREACH Prayer Post For Monday 22nd May, 2017 God Bless You! #followPastorChris #CEWZMCO #cewarrizone


You are blessing to this generation and your impact will remains forever...LOVE YOU MUM #flourishingpstoge

Ever smiling Dependable With the zeal for the work of the Kingdom Happy birthday Sr Beatrice Remain a blessing You are loved & appreciated

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