Pastor Voke Akeh: It's her birthday in a on KingsChat Web

It's her birthday in a bit. #ilovepeepat

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Simply the winning photo!!! Rocking 'Favour with a Smile'...Love U Pastor!! #Phase2 #RORRUK2018 #CEBarking #UKVZ4 #19thMAY #Just4MoreDays

What a glorious service. Favour comes from the point of service. Humility & my service, glory! Mine is an upward & forward life only. My next up is greater than my last up. What a life! And to put icing on it Mothers' day celebrations! Wow! We are loved!! #cebe #cebrampton #cecr

We are surely on it!! Meanwhile I had one of the most fabulous cell meetings ever!! #Phase2 #RORRUK2018 #CEBarking #UKVZ4 #19thMAY

Beloved, Let's get ready for what we plan to give and the uniqueness of our attire this Sunday 20th of May for the mini ROCAM Carnival. You are a vital part of it.God bless you. Christ Embassy Douala.

She is beautiful! She is lovely #ilovepeepat

When I think of all He's done, I just wanna say Thank You.. #ilovepeepat

Pastor is Live personified, She is amazing, she is awesome #ilovepeepat

Happy birthday Pastor Deola.

God is gracious and kind! I'm His child and Yes!, I just touched His heart..

Happy birthday ma. #ilovepeepat

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