Doetex Dapaye Junior: #GPWTESTIMONY #Ghana My mum is on KingsChat Web

#GPWTESTIMONY #Ghana My mum is healed from her waist pain from a couple of years now. Thank you Pastor Chris,God bless you. I love you Sir.

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My trip to USA to see my family after 12 years may relationship for marriage, new job, financial growth,i receive answers, #Amen


My voice has been opened by Jesus to be audible singer..... Hallelujah #GPWTestimonies

#GPWTestimonies. I have been lifted and upgraded. Gloryyyyyyyyyy.

My sight is made perfect GPWTestimonies

Amen #gpsprayerrequest


for God to bless me with a Job and a Husband

My sister is healed and made whole. She has a sound mind: is super intelligent,far higher than her mates.She is the best in her class.


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