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About Worship and Communion Service Zimbabwe #ushering#pricelessmoments#forevergrateful

Yesss Thank u LoveWorldSAT @lwsat for keeping us connected & updating us with firsthand info #loveworldusa

She is a voracious SOUL WINNER. She is a blessing to us. We love you ma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA!#flourishingpastoroge#flourishingmembers.

Alma Mater Campaign with 'The Power of Your Mind' Copies of the life changing book, 'The Power of Your Mind' located several Secondary School Students of Isaba Grammar School ( Alma Mater of Deacon Barr. Kingsley Otuaro) and Ogbe-ijoh Grammar School. A brighter future lies ahead of the recipients as they maximise their potentials through the effective use of the book, 'The Power of Your Mind' #FollowPastorChris #CeWarriZone

In a press release the police release state that the death toll,has increased to 22 persons of which majority are youths This calls for 🙏

"I'm full of joy,that's one thing I know I've got.I can't afford to be down"- Pst Manny. Always smiling & joyful.#SS2VZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

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Wedding bells rang n had to b the best bestman ever #all_grow_up #weldone_bro

Evil perpetrate in a land where good men fold their hands and do nothing This is a clarion call to pray 4 Manchester and the United Kingdom

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