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God has the right people to help me @ the right place & at the right time.He will guide them to me or He will guide me to them#liftchallenge

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Celebrating the light of hope

Updated her profile photo

Reaching out to Same Global Estate, Lokogoma Abuja

VOTING FOR THE FACE OF RON 2019 HAS COMMENCED!!!! FOR EFFURUN GROUP VOTE SISTER VOKE HOW TO VOTE: 1. If Effurun group is your favorite, like, comment and reshare this post. 2. Post in the comment section below "Voke Effurun Group' 3. You can increase her chances of winning by campaigning for more likes, comments and reshares, on your Kingschat timelines using the link of this post. The contestant whose post has the largest number of likes, comments and reshares is most likely to win! Vote for your favorite contestant now! #faceofron2019 #Effurungroup #warriministrycentre

We creative #cephmc #loveworldcell #loveworldnationcells #cerumuokoro

Happy Independence Day to all my Watchmen sis!!! #lcc6Watchmen #lekkichurchwatchmen

Live from Makurdi

#sev2 We are beautiful #RON #lightofhope

SIGHTS AND SOUND FROM ABEOKUTA MINISTRY CENTER REACHOUT NIGERIA WITH RHAPSODY OF REALITIES 🇳🇬💚🇳🇬💚🇳🇬 #ReachOutNigeria2019 #lightofhope #abeokutaMC #rhapsodyofrealities

John 8:12;the light of life, glory to God.The light of life, hallelujah,l have the light of life.l got the light of life working in me,thanks be unto God.He's made me the light of life.Finally, light gives direction; Psalm 119:105. #liftChallenge #monthofuplifting

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