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JESUS HAS A SAY IN D JUDICIARY, LEGISLATURE & EXECUTIVE. GLORY! #GlobalPrayerWeek #PrayingNow #LiveUpdates #Power4Change #Mydeclaration


The Lord God is my Judge #mydeclaration

My life is from glory to glory!! there is no death in my life!! I'm rich!!! B/c God made rich me!! I'm blessed !!!

There is only one sovereign and supreme ruler: His name is Jesus Christ; the King of kings and Lord of lords. #1timothy6v15

#amen #tanzania

#prayer request Pray for salvation for my family that they come to know the knowledge of God's word.

The Church got the real Power! Every other powers that be, are subject to the authority of the church. The church is in office. glory!

I stand for Jesus everywhere! I have no fear! Gloorryyy!

Christ is above them all! Global Prayer Network! Isaiah 33.22 God is Judiciary, Legislature, Executive #Prayingnow #CEYORK #CANADA #Amen

#prayingnow #Cameroon My uncle Tambe Richard has been on the wheelchair for 32years now. I want him healed.

#JesusismyJudgemylawgiverandmyking #mydeclaration

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