Yutha: Happy Birthday To my Mum, on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday To my Mum, my Pastor, my Boss!! I celebrate you today!! #POA2020

Happy Birthday To my Mum, Happy Birthday To my Mum,
Pastor Omo


Thank you SYA. I love you

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Happy to my darling hubby. Everything about u is perfected!

With great joy we specially celebrate today esteemed Pastor Omo Uba. We love and appreciate you so dearly.... #weuz2birthdays #weuz2

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I'm so ready!!!

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I am ready. #rhapsody #rhapsody2020 #cebeninzone1

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Are You ready for Rhapathon 2020 with the Man of God Pastor Chris? We are so ready and excited to receive those special words from the Man of God, Pastor Chris. #Cephzone2 #Myrhapsodystories #Yearofrperfectiion

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