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Expose' on Truth. Day 9♨♨ Wisdom of the Just!πŸ’― #exposeontruth #A21dayStudy #happeninginApril #watchonPCDL #day9 #CEPerth #CEAustralia

Happy birthday my handsome baby Bryan. 1 year already😍😍 Your path is as a shining light, that shines brighter unto the perfect day. You will continue to grow in stature, wisdom and grace being a delight to your parents and your world. I love you ..kisses😘😘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Welcome To Day 10 πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Bringing to you on Your LoveWorld Specials Season 2 Phase 2 (Day 4) on Our Special 21 Day Expose' on Truth Take advantage of the opportunity to remind your Spirit of the time and season they we are in πŸ™Œ Purchase or Gift the Spotlight Message Of the Month - "7 GREAT CONFESSIONS OF OUR SOLID FRONT" available for download on PCDL #ExposeonTruth #HappeninginApril #A21DayStudy #watchonpcdltv


#Fitnessforduty #Training #blwzonec #Campusministryrocks

THE ADVANTAGE SHOW ( Episode 2)πŸ”₯ Who is An Advantage? An Advantage is that personality that puts you in a favorable situation or a superior position in life. Follow this compelling story of a mighty deliverance from armed bandits, as a result of the prophetic words of Our Advantage, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan. Your hands will surely go up in praise to God. πŸ™Œ WATCH. LIKE. COMMENT. RESHARE AND TELL A FRIEND. #CelebratingPastorJoy #TheAdvantageShow #CEPHZONE3

Happy birthday pastor sir, thank u so much sir for impacting us with the word God, we love u dearly .

Get the Expose' on Truth Week 2 Study Guide now available for download on to make your Daily Study more inspiring and exciting 😊😊 Participate in Day 10 Study with Your LoveWorld Specials Season 2 Phase 2 (Day 4) as the Message of the Day for the Ongoing Expose' on Truth #ExposeonTruth #HappeninginApril #A21DayStudy #watchonpcdltv

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Happy Birthday to the Graced,beautiful,loving,giving Sis Phoebe with an amazing heart full of passion for the Lord. Soulwinner extraodinaire πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ A woman after God's heart I love you soo much and lam grateful to God for your life❀️ This is the morning of your lifeπŸ™ #dspukzone3

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