Rebertha: Wensenday Miracle Service is here, on KingsChat Web

Wensenday Miracle Service is here, I am going to rise and shine and give God the glory,going to a uplifting time #cebramptonwest #canada

Wensenday Miracle Service is here,

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Thank you all for celebrating me, for your words of prayers and prophecies. I received them wholeheartedly. I am most honoured and grateful. It's indeed a new level of commitment and performance for me in ministry. God bless you all. #happybirthday #celz1rocks #celcc2excels

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#GOVLNC It happened to me 9yrs ago!I was given 6months to live but after seeing Pastor Chris on TV,it changed my life!It's 9yrs now;i am alive,fit&sound! R.Emmanuel In 3days, you wld be stirred, inspired&resolute about the spread of the gospel via TV&Radio.Join us! #Iaminoffice

Happy Birthday Esteemed Brother Obioma Ikpeama As your days are, so shall your strength be! We love you so much. #ceenugu1 #nsez1

Today I celebrate you. A general in the army of God. You are indeed a son of consolation. A leader with a difference, a radical follower. Thank you for all that you do for the gospel. Happy birthday Brother Johnny Odianose. I love you big. Keep shining.

Wow lot of laughter with mr dan wactch out


#GOVLNC 2019 Register here #RON #iaminoffice #monthofministry #ANightOfBlessings #ANOBwithPastorChris #ministryinprogress #howicarryoutministry

*DERISO!* *DERISO!* Congratulations Southern California

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