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We have an Agenda - Pastor Chris The opening ceremony of the International Partner's Conference has been everything it promised to be and more as Pastor Chris took time to teach the congregation on the need to be part of the decision making processes in their respective countries. He admonished Christians to stop being lukewarm to politics and get fully engaged as this is the only way the interest of the gospel which is "our agenda" can be adequately projected and protected.  Gone are the days when Christians focus only on making heaven while leaving non-Christians to shape the world they live in, he warned. The time has come for every Christian to get involved, get organized, and become agents of change in their world.  In his message on the maturity of the Christian and the Church, Pastor Chris warned delegates not to be quiet about politics as the impact of a political agenda have far-reaching implication for the church and the spread of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. "We didn't come this far to be quiet. There are two institutions that virtually run our countries. They are the public service and the schools" he said. "Some politicians are not even aware of this. Some fellow somewhere writes these things, influenced by evil forces and cause problems for the church. They themselves may be surprised at the outcome of their actions".  But Jesus says that we should watch and pray for the purpose of the gospel".    Follow this Super User and visit ippcdaily.com for more updates on IPPC 2016. #ippc2016 #ippcdaily

We have an Agenda -

Still celebrating Our woman of God HPY B.D Pstr all the way I cm frm EastRand to attend Church Services in RandBurg it's bcz of yu Luv yu Ma

"When you meet the love in @pastorchris you wouldn't want to leave." #IPPC2016 #ceTreviso #ceItaly #ceeuzone3

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I cannot be disadvantaged in any way, it's all working together for my good because I love the Lord. #ceaccraghanazone #itestify #ippc

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Celebrating our Man of God, Durban Group Pastor, Southern Africa, Pastor Andy Chijena #HBPA2111 #HBPA21NOV #HAPPYBIRTHDAYPA

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