Ejueyitchie Jude Orits (CePTI): my life is not based on KingsChat Web

my life is not based on the circumstances of my job or my business or even my finances. God is at work in me! #cewz #cepti #phronesiscell

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Don't say the future is coming, if your future is not connected to your today, you have no future! #cewz #cepti #phronesiscell

https://youtu.be/aTucI5Xtbf0 Joepraize song bcos of you - a tribute to my Pastor. Your words have kept me on the path. #PASTOROBITHECHAMP

Happy birthday to my Father, Pastor Zunny Abu. You have blessed me and I thank God I met you. I love dearly Sir. #cekano


Happy birthday dearest Pastor Evangelist, humility in d suit of clothes, calm n kind hearted, ever loving, ur luv 4 Christ is 2nd to none

Sweet Kaka!

#IGNext #RevKenInspires #PddInspires #OrmahInspires July 22nd & 23rd........ Save the date and be there!!!!


Happy birthday ma, from pacesetters cell #cewarrizone #cechurch2

Learn to depend solely on d Word tru this stirring teaching by Pastor Chris. Get d full story on LoveWorld News at http://lw-news.com/gggdt

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