Nancylee: #mydeclaration I declare that am on KingsChat Web

#mydeclaration I declare that am blessed and my greatness is increased I declare that doors of international opportunities are open unto me

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I declare that our ministry materials & apps dominate the tech world for Christ. We are unstoppable #soulwinners #mydeclaration #fiji

I am strong & very courageous; full of wisdom. I am a financial giant; solid kingdom financier impacting with the gospel. #mydeclaration

I am a living epistle for all to read, glory! My story is that of grace, grace, grace! Nothing is impossible unto me. I reign #mydeclaration

My Mum: I declare and decree that I receive supernatural health, wisdom, knowledge, insight, insight, abilities and supply #mydeclaration

Riches and wealth dwell in my home and my home is a haven of peace #mydeclaration

#MyDeclaration I attract goodness and favour everywhere I go.

I walk and live in God's supernatural blessings. Doors of opportunities are opened to me to spread the word of God. I am rich#mydeclaretion

Ada Guasconi says,she is born of God and she reigns in life by one Christ Jesus. She says am full of strength and divine health is mine.

The Lord is my portion and therefore all things are mine. The Lord is my strength: I am always strengthened. #MyDeclaration

Nations of the world are opened to me.I can not be refused cos the earth is the Lord and its fullness thereof. I own d world #mydeclaration

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