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Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Tom Sir. Thank you for being my point of prosperity. Thank you for blessing me with His presence. Thank you for showing me the life of success. Thank you for teaching me to prophesy. Thank you for everything, i love you dearly #cesazone5 #cebindura

Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Tom

Home Schooling in Lockdown My name is Margaret Samba and I am a GYLF ambassador in Botswana. I participated actively in the GYLF Online Prayer Summit and the Spirit of God inspired me to start home schooling for kids around my neighbourhood due to the recent mandatory closure of schools as a result of Covid-19. I began teaching kids from Kindergarten to High School students covering all their subjects. I started with 7 students and now the number has increased to 14. I specially want to thank the GYLF for making me a youth leader with a difference and for training me to be the answer to the cries of many in my sphere of contact.  #GYLFBotswana  #GYLF

EASTER SPECIAL 10 DAYS TO GO #cephzone2 #easterspecial #yourloveworld

Someone said "die by fire prayers was reserved for these times 🔥🔥🔥"

Happy perfect birthday dear bro Daniel thank for these many years of service in Gods house, and raising many youths God bless you greatly and grant you wisdom to excel greatly at this time. I celebrate you today with joy Happy birthday. #ghteensministry

LIVE NOW: Tune in to to relive the electric moments of 'YOUR LOVEWORLD' Day 5 Rebroadcast. #TNI



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HAPPENING NOW Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Day 5 REBROADCAST (Special Prayer and Fasting season) Be not deceived... Let no one deceive you. What the Bible tells us is absolute truth; No exaggerations, no games. The scripture was written prophetically to give us times and seasons from the creation of the world to the end... Letting us know man's beginning and his end. Also talks about transitions so we can understand plans and purposes. The prophetic words about the Messiah's first advent were very clear. When it was time for it to be made known to Israel, he was made known... they were accurate. What is happening in the world is not about COVID19, corona virus but something more serious and more sinister. That's why we must be wise... As serpent and harmless as a dove.... Sometimes we enjoy liberty and forget that we are in a strange land. There is a reason why we are here... Its for a reason, its for a time. We don't belong to this world system.... The rebroadcast is on now, if you missed it yesterday quickly join in. #cephzone1 #YourLoveWorld #endtime #PastorChris

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