Bro Daniel Nwaigwe: 1,713 copies of BLW kids' on KingsChat Web

1,713 copies of BLW kids' devotional, 'My Faith Confessions', distributed at Erediauwa school.Get,LoveWorld News at

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It has happened! #babylawal

A Facebook friends grandma died&had made&given many quilts to family& friends... What an amazing and loving tribute to her. #cekano #nvz3

I am the seed of Abraham.Durable riches & wealth are mine.I am always and under all circumstances, Self sufficient! #Wordfastday #PhenomPA31

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZININGI!! YOU ARE A STAR!!! Thank you so much for the many year of sisterly love!!

I am the best of everything God created. I am a victor forever! I am a success forever! #ROR #GoodlyHeritage #Chosen #LovedbytheGreatest❤👑

First timers receive e-copies of DYBIM DVD as thousands participate in online outreach. #eXperience2 #ceukzone3 👉

Be inspired as you watch this video as Pastor Chris Teaches How to Put Away Wrong Desires

Happy First birthday to our dearly beloved Sarah and Salome. Your lives are full of testimonies.

Miracles are real. Its time 2 believe & reciv today! u can folo onlibe on ceflix by clickx on dis link #ewcavz4#cendobo

“You can’t build your faith on your senses; it leads to death,” Pastor Chris says. Get story on LoveWorld News at

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